The use of remote support services from locations across the globe has become the standard and most effective way of doing business. Apart from being cost-effective, choosing to opt for remote support services can help you gain the right set of skills combined with superior quality output.

CompNova’s 24×7 Support Services covers an unlimited number of support areas including service desks, production support and application maintenance to name a few. Our superior quality service personnel cater to all your technical as well as non-technical needs with equal perfection and dedication. Furthermore, all our services are provided under a strict framework of service level agreements (SLA’s) covering all aspects of remote control and diagnostics.

24×7 Support Services offered by CompNova

  • IT Infrastructure Support Services
    • On-call emergency support
    • LCD displays for application monitoring and dashboards
    • Audio facilities including polycom for conference calls and VOIP phones with dedicated bandwidth
    • Video facilities inclusive of video conferencing
    • Dedicated 2 MBPS (1:1) Internet Leased Lines
    • Provision of laptops and high-speed broadband connectivity
  • Remote Support Services
    • Provision of remote support in 24×7, 24×5, 11×5 and 8×5 time brackets
    • SLA driven solutions and services
    • Production support (levels 1,2 and 3) for packaged and custom applications based on the onsite-offshore model
    • Accessibility of integrated process and technology platforms
    • Availability of unlimited organizational resource pool and other shadow resources
  • 24×7 Command Center Services
    • Provision of LCD displays for monitoring
    • Preparation of dashboards
    • Special war rooms for troubleshooting
  • Dedicated ODC Services
    • Provision of dedicated connectivity
    • Availability of isolated networks
    • Secure physical access systems
  • Customized Reporting/ Interactive Dashboard Services
    • Customized reporting services including the provision of customized reports and interactive dashboards to provide assistance for successful decision making.
  • Personnel Management Support Services
    • Customized Personnel Management solutions for all areas of personnel management including team building, communication solutions and training & development.

Why choose CompNova?

When you choose CompNova you gain improved system availability, decreased total cost of ownership and dedicated support that will help you eliminate all critical points of failure.

Here are few of our many advantages:

  • Superior support resources: Our 24x7x365 secure command centers strive to deliver proactive and comprehensive support to end users.
  • Assured data security: At CompNova we ensure that top priority is placed on the security of all data and applications.
  • Constant performance monitoring: Our performance monitoring of remote service delivery and financial costs helps you keep in line with projected costs.
  • Offer of consulting support: Our consulting support is inclusive of crisis management specialists who offer expert suggestions in all areas of IT management, maintenance and support.
  • Cost-effective services: Our customized 24×7 support services come at an attractive price range that can help bring about a significant reduction in overall expenses.

Contact Us today and we can help you find a suitable support solution.